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Why Industrial Training Is Vital For Every Hotel Management College?

Being a part of the hotel management industry, your prime responsibility will be to serve others. Whatever be the area you are working for, how you deliver your service while greatly influence the experience of your guests. No wonder, industrial training is vital in the life of every hotel management student.Read More>>

Getting Admission in a Hotel Management College? All You Need To Know

According to a recent survey, hotel management is one of the few sectors which offer numerous employment opportunities to their students. The sector is becoming more and more global with each passing day. It has even being predicted that the expansion of the aviation and the global tourism industry within the next few years will boost the hotel sector as well.Read More>>

5 Vital Job Skills Hotel Management Colleges in Kolkata Focuses On

With numerous hotel management colleges cropping up all over Kolkata, students are indeed having a tough time choosing the ideal one. Not only the colleges but even the number of students showing interest in this industry is enhancing each day. Read More>>